Investment Fund Secrets

Launch A Fund That Beats The Ivy Leaguers 9 Times Out of 10

WITHOUT Outrageous Legal Fees, Wall Street Experience, or Even A License

The Fund Secrets Mastermind is a proven and tested implementation program that teaches you how to start a fund in the most efficient and effective way, saving you thousands of dollars and years of your life - forbetter results than what an Ivy League can deliver.

Includes over 180+ videos, Legal Documents, Networking Sheets, Weekly Live Calls, and more...

"Is Investment Fund Secrets Worth It?"

Gopalla C. Testimonial

Gopalla is the CEO of one of the fastest growing new s. 

In just 5 months since joining IFS, they grew from $0 - $15mm!

"IFS was a 1-stop-shop for us, which laid out everything so well... it made everything easy"

They already have over $100mm in soft commitments for the coming 12 months and more to come.

Arrived Partners Testimonial

These 3 came to us fresh out of college, looking for something "more"...

Being just 25, with kids and bills piling up, the odds weren't exactly in their favor...

My dad and I put them through the Fund Launch Formula, and within 1 year they accumulated an AUM of over $10mm.

...In just 1 YEAR!

Imagine where you will be in 1 year...

Jake G. Testimonial

Jake is the founder of a fund out of St. George.

Before he started his fund, he was always worried about everything that entailed...

Since joining IFS, he was able to successfully launch an opportunity zone fund which is growing extremely rapidly.

Eric & Chase Testimonial

Eric & Chase started their fund last year, and joined IFS earlier this year.

Since joining, they've brought on lots of new capital, big investors, started on several big projects, and more.

They've also made huge changes on how they approach investors and altered their entire fund structure.

Brent Mott: Results In Less Than 2 WEEKS!

Brent has been investing in Real Estate for the last 10 years and has been looking for a way to scale up.

Within 2 weeks of joining IFS, he was able to get his first deal AND saved thousands of dollars in legal fees using our resources.

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