– I3T3 Complete Course

Most comprehensive Training & Mentorship Program for 'Traders and Investors"
Statistics say 90% of the traders don't make it more than three years and lose money!

The program is a comprehensive wealth creation program designed for investors and traders.
Be in the top 1% of the traders who are earning profits.

About Course

The I3T3 program is a comprehensive wealth creation program designed for Indian investors and traders who wants to take control of their financial future and their journey toward financial freedom. The course has been designed keeping the beginners also in mind with the least technical jargon. We believe the stock market is pure mathematics and we can approach the markets with clear mathematical rules. This approach has helped us to build best-in-class automatic robot systems for our In-house consumption.


  • Have complete control of your financial future (The best person to control your money is YOU)
  • Compound your capital at a much higher rate compared to inflation to make a good retirement corpus.
  • Know the art of picking the best stocks which can help you to achieve your financial freedom.
  • Most of our investment picks of the past have earned a lot more than 25% per annum.
  • Our Investment models just require about 2 hours every month from your side.
  • Decode the myth called GANN and understand how GANN can help you in your trading.
  • Know the art of trading both positional / Intraday with clear entry Stop loss & exit rules.
  • Exposure to rule-based investing and trading.
  • All methods are clear rules and there is no discretionary trading because we are rule-based mathematical traders.

Why I3IT Webinar?

The Trainer is a full-time trader & investor in the Indian markets. He has extensive experience working / training with global corporations across the world. The course has been designed keeping the typical Indian investor in Mind.

Most of the trainers have no real trading experience in stock markets. But, we have real-time experience in trading our own funds. Team Cautilya also manages sizable HNI funds in the Indian equity & derivative markets.

Ashok has invested a significant amount of time reading some of the investment classics of the world. He has read more than 200 books so far and the hunger for more learning continues. He has summarized all his learning into this powerful webinar program.

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