The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course For Becoming Your Own Boss From The Comfort of Your Home!

The AMB Bootcamp allows you to become your own boss and quit your job by creating an ecosystem of mini digital assets that give you passive income streams each month.

Before we get started, let me share with you who I am and why I decided to share this message with you today.

My name is

I’ve been making money online for nearly 5 years…

I was a broke college student at Santiago Canyon College when I started making $5K/mo online from my mom's guest room.

I dropped out shortly after and moved to the beach.

After hitting over 7 figures in commissions I always thought I'd just be sitting on the beach and drinking a beer...

But the truth is I'm always testing new strategies and methods everyday to try to grow my affiliate business.

And now for the first time in years…

There’s a NEW way to do that’s faster & easier than ever before.

I’m going to prove it’s actually possible for you too.

(I know bold claim, but you’ll see why I’m serious about this in a second)

I’m calling it Affiliate Marketing 3.0

How I Came Across Affiliate Marketing 3.0...

As a full-time affiliate marketer, I’m always looking for a faster and easier way to make money instead of following all the "traditional" strategies you see out there.


1) I’m always looking to learn new methods to grow my business

2) I want to always be able to teach the absolute best way to do things that are working right now

I’ve tried literally everything that’s out there being taught:

Starting a Youtube Channel (which can take years to build up.) 

Running Ads to Affiliate Offers (need a big budget and your competing with pro marketers)

Starting a Blog (takes years for it to gain any traction)

Starting a Instagram Theme Page Account (takes months and is hardly scaleable)

Posting "Value" On My Facebook Profile & Trying To Sell Through DM's (also takes months and isn’t and is hardly scalable)

Making Bonus Reviews For Newly Launched Products (only works maybe 3% of the time and not a longterm strategy)

Buying Solo Ads From "Trusted" Vendor and Hoping For The Sales To Roll In (low quality leads & is rarely profitable for the long term)

The only strategies that did work from the list, took YEARS to become profitable.

Until I found this new method!

- That didn’t require any money to start

- That made money within weeks of implementing

- Allowed me to have success in multiple niches

I thought to myself, wow… 

I Officially Cracked The Code That Now Allows ANYONE To

Listen, you've seen newbies build their business from nothing to more than  $10,000 a month and gain financial freedom…

Like Jaque who was struggling to make any money online, had no job, who is now clearing over $5,000 per month and counting in his affiliate business in just under a year.

“It would be an understatement to say that results have exceeded my expectations”

Those were the words of one of my students, who recently started implementing Affiliate Marketing 3.0 and became successful rather quickly.

How often do hear that with the other courses out there?

It said $3,218 monthly estimated earnings. And now that newbie is clearing over $5,000 in his business PER MONTH!

I 100% believe if you implement 3.0 and go all-in with this method, you WILL SUCCEED too!

This is the best place to learn out there because unlike all the other guru's in this space, I am actually implementing these strategies with you in my own business.

Just check out what another one of my students Adam had to say…

And if you've paid attention to my YouTube channel and TikTok's then you've seen that everyone is going nuts about this right now…

Everyone is trying to crack the code to this new way of doing so they can gain financial freedom too.

So what exactly is Affiliate Marketing 3.0?

It’s creating an ecosystem of mini digital assets that give you passive income streams every month!

But first I wanted to perfect the method before I teach anyone!

Even though I knew I cracked the code I wanted to put it to test to make 1000% sure that anyone can do this and see recording breaking results.

So here’s what I did…

I started 3 mini businesses (all in different niches) to test this new method out and document the results I got so you can see for yourself.

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