– 12 Business Building Strategies

Despite false hope that the economic storm is over, it’s only just beginning—which means we face huge changes in the near future. The good news is the future has never looked brighter for business owners who take the initiative to “batten down the hatches” and prepare to ride out the economic hurricane. Build a recession-proof business designed to rise above any and all current and FUTURE economic storm clouds with 12 Super-Strength Business Building Strategies Guaranteed to bring a flood of cash—even during the darkest of times. 

  • Turn Uncertain Economic Times to Your Advantage 
  • Put Cash in Your Pocket NOW! 
  • Prepare For The Coming Economic Challenges


Dan S. Kennedy and Bill Glazer invite you to join the economic elite by showing you their proven path taken by a new group of entrepreneurs who are thriving, prospering, and creating fortunes during these uncertain and turbulent economic times.

3 Different Strategies For Making Economic Turbulence Irrelevant

Get customers to buy during economic turbulence. Dan describes the two types of customers who are eager to buy right now…and what you MUST give them in order to get them to buy, how to sell using the strategy Harley-Davidson and Ferrari use to rise above economic challenges and destroy their competition, and a VITAL plan for continued success for commodity businesses.

2 Ways to Make Economic Storm Clouds Your Friend

Understand what people want more than anything else during challenging economic times and you’ll be miles ahead of your competition. Plus Dan reveals a little-known book that provides a blueprint for implementing this idea.

9 Recession Rescue Strategies for Weathering ANY Economic Storm

Use the same strategies Bill has successfully implemented in his business. You can Double your business by fixing this one small thing, learn the secret of getting customers more locked into you, and INSTANTLY sell your products and services at higher prices.

21 Real-Life Examples of Low-Cost, High-Return Advertising, Marketing & Promotion Ideas

Discover the $282 investment that generated $19,608 in NEW business, the $30.56 investment that created an additional $24,000 & many more ready for you to Swipe and Deploy. Reveals EXACTLY how they did it.

Dan & Bill’s Comprehensive 12 Business Building Strategies Set

Rise above all economic challenges with Dan and Bill’s guidance while either listening in your car or sitting in your favorite chair and watching with 4 audio CDs and 2 DVDs. Or grab a pen and follow along with the professionally edited transcript.

Dan & Bill’s Comprehensive 12 Business Building Strategies Set

Filled with cost-efficient marketing methods and different ideas for spicing up your offers so you get a higher response, these lists are designed to SAVE you Money and MAKE you Money and are perfect for reviewing before making important marketing decisions.

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