& – 60-Minute Copy Cure

“The 60-Minute Copy Cure!”

You’re going to get our combined 44 years of experience creating winning sales copy.

But this isn’t a boring “study ‘til you’re blue in the face… and hand writes classic copy controls for months on end” course. I’ll leave that to the legion of other people hawking copywriting courses.

In fact, this isn’t really a “learn copywritingcourse at all. (Although it will help you do that if that’s your ultimate goal.)

Here are just a few of the things Terry and I will show you…

  • Seven secrets for quickly writing million-dollar ads and sales letters, both online and offline… even if the only thing you’ve ever written is a grocery list. (No experience required. Simply “fill in the blanks” and you can create a million-dollar sales copy.)
  • Is your current sales copy not working as well as you’d like? Do THESE three little tweaks to pump up response and watch sales and profits FLOOD in like never before. (It takes all of 10 minutes!)
  • How to write sales copy that completely and fully acknowledges and articulates the pain your customer feels. (This is a CRAZY EFFECTIVE secret for creating an exponential upsurge in conversions that not one in 100,000 copywriters understand.)
  • How to create “instant credibility” that practically FORCES people to believe your claims…
  • How to write your copy so it “talks the talk” your most skeptical prospects need to hear before they buy.
  • The 3 big mistakes most rookies make when swiping copy. (It kills your conversions, destroys your credibility… and makes you look like a sleazy, slimy schmuck.)
  • Got a successful online promotion? Here’s how to put it in front of thousands or even MILLIONS of qualified prospects and buyers who would normally NEVER see it.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get:

  • 20 Copy Templates Of Our Most Successful Promotions: This also includes 5 ready-to-go “fill in the blanks” templates. Just plug in your own product and company info and you’ll have a new moneymaking promo in no time at all!
  • 5 Video Modules: Big Selling Ideas, Irresistible Offers, Push Button Copy, Polish Your Diamond, and a bonus video showing us going through the “60 Minute Copy Cure” process right in front of your very own eyes.
  • 12 Bonus Reports:
  • 10 Minute Headlines
  • Bullet Bonanza (bullet swipe file)
  • Copywriting and Conversion Hacks
  • How To Crank Out A Moneymaking Promotion As Quickly As Possible
  • MP3 recording of interviewing me about little tweaks you can use in your copy to quickly bump up response and conversion.
  • Magic Bullet Formulas
  • Irresistible Offer Action Planner
  • Science of Online Persuasion
  • The Art and Science of Persuasive Storytelling
  • Video Sales Letter Formula

And much more...

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