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Put your helmet on people as the following coursework for Ultima Trades is demanding.

  • Yes, we have built portfolios for you to follow our trade ideas nevertheless, you NEED to understand the logic of selling premium and how to evaluate risk prior to your executing these positions.
  • If this is your first rodeo, welcome to TheoTRADE… grasp the logic of the course, the criteria and nuances will come later! 

Here is why you need to learn Ultima Trades:

  • How to build a portfolio of high probability trades that generates consistent monthly returns regardless of your starting capital or experience level
  • Detailed entry and exit criteria for selling options premium while keeping risk at a minimum
  • Discover options Greeks and learn how to manage all your positions through one easy number
  • Learn to use Risk Array in order to visualize your profits and risk before markets ever move
  • How to properly allocate in a way that reduces risk and allows you to minimize any risk in your portfolio very part-time
  • Discover risk minimization techniques designed to hedge the most extreme market environment so you're never caught off guard by whatever happens in the market
  • How to sell premium in small accounts and/or a retirement account within innovative new trading vehicles that have never been available before

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