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You’re looking for a bit of the Ninja secret sauce and really want to help your business grow. So you sign up for our proven marketing system and get the full support of the experts at .

You’ll get to peel back the curtain on the processes that has fine-tuned for over a decade of helping businesses like yours grow. Take what we’ve learned and apply it directly to your business model. 

In this online digital marketing course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find your target audience precisely, and ensure your marketing resonates strongly with them
  • Build brand tone of voice guidelines, so all your marketing sounds consistent and “you”
  • Refine your offering and validate your price points to ensure you’re maximising profit and growth potential
  • Improve the performance of your website, both for conversions and usability - while limiting the time you have to spend updating it!
  • Increase the credibility you have online by tapping into the psychological triggers that make customers buy (or not buy)
  • Tempt visitors “on the edge” of purchasing or becoming a lead and tip them over the edge (this is what the highest-growth businesses excel at)
  • Remove purchase barriers to increase your website conversion rates
  • Collect, optimise and deploy social proof to trigger FOMO
  • Find the pockets of highly qualified traffic across search, advertising and social
  • Run ads profitably on any platform
  • Run your own Ninja-style SEO campaign (yep, just like what clients pay us £25k/month for)
  • Track your site’s performance accurately in Google Analytics
  • Set up multiple automated email marketing campaigns, segmenting your customers and leads
  • Collect reviews, referrals and recommendations - all on autopilot
  • Increase repeat purchase rate, again on autopilot
  • Turn your audience into fans by relentlessly shouting about how good you are without ever coming across like that’s what you’re doing… Oh, and you guessed it, on autopilot.

We’ve found that the highest-growth businesses are strong in five areas. No exceptions. So our course modules reflect those key areas:

  1.  POSITIONING. Learn how to offer your audience what they want and ensure your audience is large enough to meet your goals.
  2.  PRESENCE. Whether using your website, an Amazon or Etsy page or a combination, wherever your customers interact with your business, your online presence must meet four criteria.
  3.  PROCESS. You’ll discover how to turn a visitor into a lead, a sale or a customer. You’ll also get shown how to automate your process to the point where you can rapidly scale without adding to your workload.
  4.  PEOPLE. Learn how to get more people entering your sales funnel. Learn not to rely on a single traffic source but have a mixture of high-performing traffic sources, all tracked and measured.
  5.  PROGRESSION. Learn how to develop a roadmap that turns leads and customers into repeat business, advocates and reviewers. What’s more, we’ll even show you to automate that process!

Take control of your business growth with the new online digital marketing course from . From Google and social media ads to content marketing and beyond, we go through everything you need to know to supercharge your growth potential.

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