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The No BS Course and Webinar by will give you essential knowledge and an overall picture in order to get better trade results.

No BS Webinar

The No BS Webinar is designed to satisfy both new and seasoned traders with videos to help learners understand the concepts and ideas before seeing the strategies in action. Each live session includes notes that detail the times of trades as well as relevant price action that affects your trades. Trade recap videos are also included in which dissects each trade in detail from beginning to end

No BS is a trading education company that provides potential traders with knowledge and training classes. After meeting a thirty-five-year-old stockbroker who retired with two homes, two Harleys, and a yacht, its founder, John Gardy, decided to become a trader at the age of twelve. He has converted to Jigsaw Trading and uses it for all of his webinars. Having worked in a stock brokerage company, a futures prop shop, and other places, he obtained an inside look at the fascinating world of trading education, which led him to trade for himself and educate others.

No BS Starter Course

The No BS Starter Course was created to “teach a man to fish rather than giving him a fish”. Each video has a specific objective and is organized in such a way that it progresses from basic to advanced concepts. aims to teach inexperienced traders how to get a sense of the big picture before showing them a very specific price action movement that causes real entry and exit points. Learners must first comprehend the meaning of each situation before recognizing why some trades are more likely to succeed.

No BS Basic Course

The No BS Basic Course contains the No BS book and a set of video tutorials. The material covers all the basics with regards to trading off the order flow while watching the depth of the market and several videos contain real trade samples and explanations for each trade. The contents include:

• No BS ebook
• Terms defined video and documentation
• A video comparing multiple depth of market platforms
• A video that explains how the buy and sell orders influence movement and how you can identify areas where there may be good action.
• Documentation and screenshots of my setup which explain how to read the depth of the market.
• A video that shows how a person can learn to scan multiple depths of market platforms at once. This is how I scan four treasury markets and the S&P at the same time.
Trading videos – Strategies, setups, and trade management in action. Real money and real trades were made during webinars.
• Pre-market prep video – What I do prior to the regular morning open. Identifying levels and areas from previous days that may be important.
• Video that shows how I build my Jigsaw workspace from scratch.

No BS Intermediate Course

The No BS Intermediate Course covers breakouts, reversals, pure price action reads in the middle of ranges, how to use the cumulative volume profile, and the infamous Smackdown setup which was discussed in the No BS ebook.

There is also documentation which explains the following concepts in more detail:

• How I determine which treasury market to trade during a given time
• Understanding drawdowns and how to deal with them
• Knowing when to increase or decrease size and determining how many contracts should be added or subtracted

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