- L2ST 3 Days Intensive Online Advanced Traders Coaching Seminar

This Coaching Package includes some POWERFUL Trading Auction Theory, Market Profile, and Order Flow Trading Methods. Also Included are some life-changing NLP and Meditation techniques for Professional Traders, with some breakthrough information about tackling The Psychology of Risk Taking and gaining the correct Mindset for Enhanced Trading Performance.

Here are just some comments from traders that attended the 3-day Intensive Online Advanced traders Coaching:

"The seminar was fantastic. The content was extremely informative and the delivery was perfect. It always seems to get better with L2ST who never fails to blow us away with knowledge and information that is shared. The emphasis is always on what is really important which is the psychological aspect, the importance of understanding the market and how it actually works with structure, how to use order flow for qualifying and disqualifying trade setups which is something I have not seen taught anywhere else and the all-important risk management. There are also simple but practical methods for working on the psychological aspects that are provided too. I would recommend this to anyone that is serious about trading and want to take their trading to the next level." - Richard, UK

"Firstly it was the most professional course I have ever attended. Kam covered in detail the 5 step game plan that separates the 5% great traders from the crowd. This course is the foundation of what actually Kam does every day in the trading room, and is so successful. That was an intensive course but a priceless tool for developing an understanding of how markets work and why is possible to trade profitably each and every day. Special focus was also given on how to build a positive mindset, work with the power of subconscious and approach trading with confidence." - Evagoras, Cyprus

"I wanted to mention that I really enjoyed your 3-Day seminar... The information you gave was very clear to me, and also very comprehensive I felt. You definitely gave us the whole package! I have a ton of material to review and reference now. You've provided a lot of information about how your method works. I've also been using your meditations on a daily basis, and that's helped me a whole lot... I didn't realize how much "talk" I have in my mind. It really helps to quiet/calm that and settle out before trading. The strategic visioning meditations have been awesome as well! You / Brian have done a great job.. It was obvious you put a lot of energy into that seminar, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it. Pls keep innovating:-)" - Chris, USA

"Thank you for a fantastic three days of education in both trading and psychology. It was by far the best I have ever experienced." - David, Ireland

Here are some highlights of what you will also learn in this Online Coaching Programme.

Understand the Market Structure and the Market Participants Expected Behaviours for the Highest Probability Trading Opportunities: 

  • Applying Auction Market Theory to Understand the Market Participants Behaviours. 
  • Understanding the use of Market and Volume Profile. 
  • Learn how to practically trade Intraday Day with the Market and Volume Profile. 
  • Learn how to identify the most powerful Market and volume Profile Levels. 
  • Identifying Value and learning how to use Value for trading more objectively.
  • Understand the different Day Types that occur in all markets, learn how to identify them, and trade them correctly. 
  • Highlighting Developing Structure - Balance and Imbalance. 
  • Trading with the Developing Market and Volume Profile, as well as the VWAP and Developing Value Areas. 
  • Highlighting Intra-day "Auctions within Auctions" and learning how to adapt to trade these. Identifying High Probability Trading Opportunities 
  • Read price Rejection and Acceptance and understand how to use this for the best trade location and execution that will help reduce risk. 
  • Identifying and Trading Divergences using the Volume Breakdown - Understand when to use Hidden and Regular Divergence, and know when to ignore divergence! Using Divergences in Order Flow for highlighting potential turns BEFORE they occur. 
  • Highlighting Price and Value Relationship Trade Setups - Know when to trade which setups and when NOT to with the Art of Adaptive Trading
  • Trading Volume Profile, Price, and Value-Based Levels. Understanding Risk and Reward Potential in Trades
  • Learn how to determine Predefined Maximum Risk. 
  • Understand the importance of accepting Risk in Trading
  • Learn the L2ST Risk Management Model for efficient control of Risk and help identify Position sizes that should be traded. 
  • Highlighting Risk in advance. 
  • Highlighting potential Rewards in advance. 
  • Using Market and Volume Profile Levels for Maximising Profits. 
  • Using VWAP Levels for efficient profit-taking. Learn how to Confirm Trade setup with the Real-Time Order Flow and Price Transparency for perfect Execution 
  • Understanding Market Delta Footprints. 
  • Reading Pre and post-Trade Supply and Demand, and how to use it to confirm trades or ignore trades. 
  • Learn the specific Footprint Triggers for trading the L2ST Game Plan: 
  • Understand how to use and trade Delta (Net Buy\Sell Volume) and Bid\Ask Volume information. 
  • Understand the importance of Delta Change signals. 
  • How to interpret Developing Delta. 
  • The Significance of the difference between Bid and Offer\Ask. 
  • Learn how to trade Responsive trade and Initiated trade.

Learn the importance of Trade Management and why it is the most important step in the L2ST Game Plan 

  • Learn how to Manage and Minimising Risk in open trades. 
  • Learn the Discipline to cut and scratch trades by reading order flow and price action, and realize why this is a better way to manage risk rather than the more common use of stops. Learn exactly the strategies we use to Maximise Profits whilst also locking in Profit.

The "L2ST Build Process" Strategy for the Process of Implementing the Methodology 

  • Building the Solid Foundation for Growth. 
  • Increasing your Understanding of The L2ST Trading Methodology
  • Gaining Experience with Conscious Competence. 
  • Stepping into the Realm of Unconscious Competence and Complete Trading Mastery!


is a Professional Proprietary Trader, based in London, UK. He has been sharing his knowledge and experience with like-minded traders for over 7 years through L2ST Traders Coaching Services. L2ST teaches a Discretionary approach to Trade, with a focus on teaching traders how to think in a way that gets behind the mindset of the market participant that moves the markets, as well as the importance of Self-Mastery. Over his years of trading experience, Kam has been able to develop a Trading Methodology and a way of thinking behind the markets that have been helping take traders to a new level of understanding. His methods utilize Auction Market Theory, Market Profile, and unique MarketDelta Order Flow analysis techniques.

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