– The Game Plan

From trying to figure out what sticks to building a thriving creative business on your terms with no discovery calls, no retainers and no custom proposals.

The Game Plan Your complete guide to WINNING at creative business operations and booking clients with ease. We condense our experience in building Knotably Studio from the ground up to working directly with leading brands (in the US and beyond) into fundamental and actionable program for creative service providers - the only Game Plan you’ll ever need.

The Game Plan is for action takers Every video inside the program- straight to the point. Every template, script and tool - ready for instant implementation. We want to see you making moves ASAP which means no fluff, no group calls and no time wasted. Please let me know what else I can attach/send as far as product images from url. Thank you for your time! I really hope this is available! Thank you so much!

Chandra Lee

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