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What makes The Active Growth Investor by different from other courses?

The straightforward instruction style along with the powerful techniques that have been tried and true in the real trading market are provided in the Active Growth Investor by . You will learn how to win the best profits without fear of the sudden changes of the market trends that will make you lose all. The multifaceted aspects of trading, in terms of techniques, strategies and psychology, are covered in the Active Growth Investor by  with in – depth analysis and intensive knowledge. As a result, you do not learn to become a technical trader but a trader has the strong suits in both technical and emotional control for the consistency of trading profitability. The real case studies as well as real time updates of trading performances when applying the frameworks shared in the course are shown, which can help you understand the best practices and common mistakes. 

What can you expect when taking the Active Growth Investor by ?

Mindset and Trading Psychology:

  • The principles of setting goals 
  • The mindset shared among the professional traders 

Essentials of Technical Analysis and the Advanced Concepts:

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Shapers 
  • Cup with Handle
  • Double Bottom 
  • Shakeout + 10%
  • Coil/Long Triangle 
  • Shapers and Leaders 
  • Tactical Patterns 
  • Mini Coil 
  • Doji Flag
  • And so much more!

Powerful for the Consistency of Profitability:

  • Expectation Breakers 
  • Pull Backs
  • Tactical Price Breakout
  • Hold Rules 
  • IPO Hole Exemption

The Best Practices of Management:

  • Position sizing
  • Losing Streaks 
  • Market Management 
  • Long – term Success

Illustrated Case Studies:

  • Case Study 1: DECK 
  • Case Study 2: AAPL
  • Case Study 3: Covid Crash
  • ROKU 2020 Case Study
  • ROKU 2020 Case Study Daily Analysis
  • ROKU 2020 Case Study Weekly Analysis

The curriculum of the Active Growth Investor by includes:

  • Module 1: Mindset
  • Module 2: Setting Goals
  • Module 3: Principles
  • Module 4: Getting the Job Done – Tools & Methods
  • Module 5: Portfolio Essentials
  • Module 6: Market Direction
  • Module 7: Long Term Success
  • Module 8: Deep Dive Case Studies
  • Bonus: Common Situations


The founder of  is Matt Caruso. He is one of the popular trading and investing coaches and mentors for his striking methods and strategies that help him win higher profits at consistency. Matt Caruso was a former lecturer of Technical Analysis at Concordia University in Montreal. Moreover, he worked in National Bank for five years, which can help him learn the best practices of market making and the dominance of order flow on individual stocks, and so on. Moreover, the realistic experience of trading and investing also helps Matt Caruso gain the full landscape of the trading market as well as how the trends and price movements are formed and how to predict them, and so on. The courses of  are extracted from the practical points of view through years of professional trading by Matt Caruso. The step – by – step guidelines on his trading methods and strategies are shown along with the illustrations of case studies and examples for you to gain practical insights. 

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