REIMFX – Liquidity Inducement Theorem (LIT TRADING)

Liquidity Inducement Theorem, Based on ReimFX methodologies, is the world-leading forex education content and community out there. This is a Systematic approach to trading

What You’ll learn in this video

  • Learn how to become an intraday master
  • Join an exclusive community full of world-class traders and mentors.
  • Fun community challenges and XP system that allows you to have fun while learning.
  • Get access to the LIT App to help exponentially increase your learning curve.
  • Utilize never seen technology to assist in your trading journey.
  • Dedicated mentors help you daily to achieve your dreams.

Starting alongside WWA Trading, LIT was a private mentorship group within the WWA community to help their existing students take their trading to the next level. Started by ReimFX, his main Intraday mastery which he spent 5 years perfecting gets shared with the students in a concise short package. LIT is the systematic approach to trading, allowing you to follow a step-by-step process towards your trading success.


Know the "why" of the market. Understand the pushes. Know what to anticipate and react to. You will never say "WTF" ever again, only for amazement!


Know why retail traders lose and be the top 1% that never lose. Understand the "when" of the market and the "how". You will have a winning formula every single day.


Compact and concise education allows you to exponentially improve your trading career. We have a strict course structure that you will follow that has an unprecedented amount of success!

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