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Identify the BEST DAYS when to TRADE and when to GO FISHING!


  • Learn To Trade Only When Probabilities Are In Your Favor
  • ​Identify When To Avoid Trading When The Odds Are Against You
  • ​Calculate The Markets Next Move Before It Actually Happens 
  • ​How to Match the Market Environment with Appropriate Trading Strategy
  • ​Identify When to be a Bull when markets are Falling!
  • ​When to be a BEAR when the Markets are going Higher
  • ​The Art of Winning Stock Market Wars!
  • ​Skill of applying simple 13 Formula in less than 10 minutes a day to identify today what the markets will do tomorrow!
  • ​Skill of applying simple 13 Formula using a simple calendar without having to buy any additional tools to identify high probability for highly profitable days!

~ Tam Truong

"As an amateur with just 3 months of trading experience, I lost over $35K of my savings to the market. I wasn't foreign to coaching and knew I needed help immediately and I wasn't going to give up. I wanted to be trained by a pro and sign up with Leo. On my first week of trading, I recovered all my losses with one trade that returned $60K. It could've been higher ($120K) but I chickened out and sold early. I had a taste of what its like to trade without fear. I am forever grateful I've found Leo and I'm really looking forward to trading like a rockstar one day."

~ Robert Porter

"The 13 Formula is unlike anything out there. The strategy and thinking behind is worth every penny. Truly a better investment versus the other cheaper offerings from his competition, which are all the same things repackaged to look original."

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