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Blueprint to Extreme Reversals – In this course, you will learn how to trade Top and Bottom Reversals based on overbought and oversold conditions. The significance of Top and Bottom Reversals is being able to catch the exact peaks and dips in the price. What differentiates this strategy from many others is the fact that your stop losses are really tight, which permits you to get in heavier, thus allowing you to have a huge potential reward in comparison to the small risk put into the trade.

Course contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Knowledge
  3. Three Important Confirmations Before Trading Reversals
  4. The Right Direction
  5. Different Reversal Scenarios
  6. Different Approaches
  7. Entry Criteria
  8. Trade Management
  9. Finding Potential Trades + Homework
  10. Private Mentoring Lesson: Reviewing the Homework
  11. The Right Thought Process When Trading Reversals
  12. Reversals Using Higher Time Frames: The Safe Approach

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