is one of the best technical capital market analysis tools that provides powerful analysis to users. Another stock exchange software that offers technical analysis to users is dynamic trader software. Those who want to take advantage of the harmonic and Fibonacci analysis of the stock market, the strongest software they can find in this area, is dynamic trader, which can be used for both international and domestic exchanges in Tehran. The only challenge of working with this software is to provide and enter data that some users use other software such as MetaTrader to provide the required data.

To work more professionally with this utility, you can specify the data per share in part of it within a timeframe and from the data, excel output. This app works well for Elliott Waves and has a very good drawing of the Fibonacci instrument. Another dynamic feature of Trading is that the warning system on charts and lines can be activated, as well as labeling Elliott waves to make it easier to use. Logarithmic scale and price instrument synchronization with it can also help you in analyzing. The software's robust scanner allows you to find return areas based on Elliott and harmonic patterns.

Key capabilities of software:

- Advanced oscillators for technical analysis and signaling
- Ability to perform relativistic analysis by putting two charts together
oscillator - Possibility of labeling Elliott waves manually and in short
time - Precious Fibonacci tool with the possibility of erasing extra
lines - Time Fibonacci instrument and time analysis with the possibility of erasing additional
lines - Calculating the percentage of price and temporal changes and price
counting - mode training tool for practice and learning
- EOW tool to specify the end of the wave using Elliott and Fibonacci time and price
- and ...

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