AlgoTradeCampAlgo Trading Bootcamp

Algo Trading Bootcamp and Python code

  • Day 1: Intro to algorithmic trading & how to code in python for automated trading (3 hrs)
  • ​Day 2: Algo trading setup, packages, code & resource walkthrough + code (49 mins)
  • Day 3: Managing risk in automated trading so you never blow up (11 mins)
  • ​Day 4: Coding algorithmic orders. Entering and exiting with an automated bot + code (23 mins)
  • Day 5: Coding automated risk management systems to keep your bots safe + code (29 mins)
  • Day 6: ​​Coding the SMA Indicator to use in automated trading + code (7 mins)
  • Day 7: Coding the RSI indicator to use in bots + code (6 mins)
  • Day 8: ​Coding the VWAP Indicator for bots + code (8 mins)
  • ​​Day 9: Coding the VWMA indicator for automated trading + code (6 mins)
  • ​Day 10: Bot 1: Coding a SMA + Orderbook Trading Bot w/ video Tutorial + code (11 mins)
  • ​​Day 11: Bot 2: Coding a Breakout trading bot + going through all the code (5 mins)
  • ​​Day 12: ​Bot 3: The Engulfing trading bot + code walkthrough (7 mins)
  • ​​Day 13: ​Backtesting to see if a strategy worked in the past before deploying + RBI System (2.9 hrs)
  • ​​Day 14: ​Machine Learning in Trading (10 mins)
  • ​​Day 15: ​How to scale & find unlimited winning strategies (29 mins)
  • DYDX Goblin Bot Event: DYDX "Goblin" trading algorithm code + video training walkthrough to get you all set up with algo trading on DYDX (63 mins)
  • Funding Rate Algo Event: Funding Rate trading algorithm backtest code & results. A unique funding rate strategy explained (19 mins)
  • ​AGI for Trading Event: AI that comes up with strategies from youtube videos and papers and then code out backtests (30 mins)
  • ​​BONUS: Get Unlimited Code Help in Private Discord During The Bootcamp! You are not alone. You have someone to ask questions to 24/7.

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