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Class DetailsClass DetailsIn this class, shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages a portfolio of Weekly Trades.

First Class with Dan 10K PORTFOLIO

0- Class Information
8:50- Today’s Class Outline
11:25- Sheridan Mentoring Philosophy of Trading Weekly or short term Option Trades
22- Financial Goals on 10K Weekly Portfolio
29:45- Greeks of Weekly or Short Term Iron Condor Trade
46:50- Trading Schedule for Weekly Trades
51:25- Index and ETF’s we trade
51:45- Stocks we trade for Weekly or short term Income Trades
57:05- Greeks of Double Diagonals ( Iron Condor alternative in low IV environment)
1:06:45- Getting Good Execution and Exit Prices
1:23:25- Today’s Live Trade: SPX Iron Condor I executed this trade at the close of trading.
SPX at 2274 and VIX at 11.26. Jan 20 Expiration, 8 Day Iron Condor. Buy 1 2320 Call and Sell 1 2310 Call.
Buy 1 2220 Put and Sell 1 2230 Put for a total credit of $.95 Credit. Margin for 1 contract is $905.
Looking to make 8-10% of Margin or Risk of $905. Profit target $70 – $90 per every 1 contract.
Maximum Loss is 10-12% or $90 – $110 for every 1 contract

Class #2 with Dan: Short Term Iron Condors

0- Introduction
2:00- Background on Dino and his journey learning Options
7: 37- Dino shares his experience and guidelines with the 4 Day Iron Condor
26:40- Dan comments on the 4 Day iron Condor and answers a few questions
34:25- SPX 7 Day High Probability Iron Condor
44:50- SPX 7 Day Low Probability Iron Condor
51:30- Trading Plan and Risk Management for a Short term Iron Condor
57:15- 1 Day SPX Iron Condor
1:02:50- Review of Live Class Trade from Previous Class
1:19:05- Talking about Live Trade for Today’s Class
End- 1:25:42 (1 Hour 25 minutes and 42 seconds)

Class #3 with Dan: Butterflies

Class trade put on this morning: 
With SPX at 2269 Dan put on a 9 day Unbalanced PUT Butterfly
Buy 1 2295 Sell 2 2270 Buy 1 2240, Jan 27 expiration
Dan paid an 8.70 Debit at 10:55 am CT time

0- Intro and Today’s Outline
2:08- Today’s Live Class Trade: Broken Wing Butterfly
6:50- Today’s Class Outline
7:50- 8 Day Equidistant Iron Condor
9:25- Guidelines and Risk Management 8 Day Equidistant Iron Condor
17:20- 9 Day Unbalanced SPX Put Fly
20- Guidelines and Risk Management 9 Day Unbalanced SPX All Put Butterfly and Live Class Trade
25:55- Balanced Butterfly
29:10- Guidelines and Risk Management Balanced Butterfly
30:55- Review of Live Balanced Butterfly Trade
32:12- Key is to be consistent with these short term strategies, do these 20 weeks in a row.
35:11- END

Class#4 With Dan: Calendars & Dan talks a little more about Butterflies.

0- 3:35- Introduction
3:40- SPX 7 Day All Put Flat Fly and Guidelines
16:25- SPX 10 day Call Calendar with Guidelines
28:10- Review of Wednesday’s Class Butterfly Trade
32:45- Today’s Live Class Trade

 Class #5 With Mark Fenton: The Weekly Call Butterfly

0:00- Introduction and over view of the weekly call butterfly
6:00- Traits of the fly and when and how best to enter
13:00- Adjustments for the fly strategy
17:00- Graphic examples of fly management
23:00- Live fly analysis and set up
49:00- End Question and answer

Class # 6 with Jay Bailey: 9 Day Calendar

Class #7 with Dan: Double Diagonals & High Octane Butterflies

0- Today’s Outline
1- 10 Day Double Diagonal with Guidelines and Risk Management
13:10- Trade Details of my Double Diagonal Example
13:23- 4 Step Risk Management Plan for the Double Diagonal
33:50- High Octane 2 Day Butterfly
37:05- Guidelines and Risk Management High Octane Butterflies
39:20- Review 2 Live Class Trades we have on.
54:14- END

Class #8 with Dan: Double Calendars (Final Class)

0- Intro and comments on next class, today’s outline, and upcoming things
3:40- 8 Day SPX Double Calendar with Guidelines and Risk Management
16:57- Additional trade information for the Double Calendar
17:30- 8 Day Double Calendar Guidelines and Risk Management
22:05- Trading Plan going Forward!
27:35- Next online Class: 2 week Class focus on 1 type of Butterfly: The Mango
27:45- Information on Sheridan Mentoring
28:17- Question on Double Calendar
29:30- Review of 2 Live Trades from previous Class
30:16- Review of live High Octane 2 Day Butterfly put on in previous class 2 days ago.
32:25- Review of Live 9 day Double Diagonal Trade put on Wednesday, 2 days ago.
37:20- Live Double Calendar Trade I put on yesterday in a Trading Group at Sheridan Mentoring
45:55- 15 Week Challenge for Short Term Trades
48:10- Dino, Veteran Sheridan mentoring Student discusses his Journey of Option
Trading and then covers contingent orders in Think or Swim.
49- Dino’s Journey of learning Options Trading
1:01:40- Dino talks about how to put in Contingent orders.
1:24:08- END

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