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Even with advance knowledge of what the market will do a trader still needs great money management and an effective way to monitor trades in order to succeed. is a powerful method of trading that may not predict market action, but works so well that you may actually believe that it does. Many of our students do. View the video and see why. ( DVDs include six individual videos providing over 5 hours of advanced instruction) in association with Parsons International Trading Institute has been teaching traders to analyze and trade the markets for nearly a decade now. Our commitment has always been to our students and their success. As a student, you are our first priority. With our innovative and advance approach to trading, coupled by our incredible support, we provide you with the very best opportunity for success.

All methods are those developed by Michael J. Parsons and are based on the geometry of the market. Each method has been extensively tested and is used by traders around the globe. Reversal Dynamics and Balance Dynamics are very unique and have no relation to Fibonacci, Gann, astrology, or practically anything else that most have encountered. utilizes channels, which has been discussed by different authors before, but our approach incorporates specific rules that make the method unique and very effective. Reversal Dynamics and Balance Dynamics are predictive methods and during certain market conditions may be ineffective. No method is perfect all the time. It is strongly recommended that be used in conjunction with these methods as it provides supporting trade management to improve the odds of success.

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