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What is E-com Pro Academy's Shopify Summit?

If you've been selling online for a while, you know that the landscape has changed dramatically! And continues to change... The best way to keep up and learn the strategies necessary to continue and keep your online physical product business(es) thriving and scaling is to hear what our speakers will be sharing and teaching.

Nobody can figure it ALL out! If you apply even one of the strategies taught at this event - from ONE Speaker, you will pay for this event many times over. Now, think if you apply 1/2 of the strategies from over a dozen speakers!! This is a NO-Pitch event and will be full of high-level step-by-step action plans that you can apply to your e-commerce businesses instantly.

Why Should YOU attend??

  • Almost every single speaker has a 7, 8, or even 10-figure physical product business. The funny thing is that if you rewind a few years... most of the speakers would be in the audience learning like you will be.
  • The amount of content and "Actionable" steps that can be applied instantly in your business is an incredible amount of value. It doesn't matter what area you're having trouble with or wanting to enhance (sourcing, scaling, logistics, legal, unlimited traffic and so much more...). You will walk away with the EXACT steps required to hit your goals this Q4!!!
  • Oh, and the Networking is ALWAYS so incredibly powerful! Hundreds of "Like Minded" e-commerce people will be E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

Featured Speaker + Meet & Greet

has been a successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years. He is an Original Shark on the ABC hit, Emmy-winning TV show, “Shark Tank.” He is also the Inventor of the Infomercial, As Seen On TV Pioneer, Co-Founder of the Electronic Retailers Association (ERA), and Co-Founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Kevin has launched over 20 businesses that have grown to over $100 million in sales each, has been involved in more than a dozen public companies, and has launched over 500 products generating more than $5 billion in sales worldwide with iconic brands and celebrities such as Jack Lalanne, Tony Little, George Foreman, and the new I-Grow hair restoration product on QVC. Kevin has extensive experience in business all over the world, opening distribution outlets in over 100 countries worldwide. His success led Mark Burnett to hand-pick Kevin to become an Original Shark on Shark Tank where he filmed over 175 segments.

What To Expect

  • Network with Key Influencers
    • We are honored to have incredible speakers and industry experts at our conference. Mix and mingle with your favorites
  • Huge Unveiling
  • Private Party
    • Complete with open food and cash bar you'll mingle with the movers and shakers of e-commerce and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Hands-On Workshops
    • Don't go home with yet another to-do list. Our Hands-On Business Building will create tangible results for your business
  • Accommodation
    • We've secured a great deal with a local five-star hotel where the event is being hosted. Beautiful, amazing hotel right on the ocean
  • Incredible Training
    • In-depth Amazon and Shopify training + learn about multiple traffic platforms. Become an expert on how to convert and capture more sales for your existing or new e-commerce business

What's Gonna be COVERED?

  • Sourcing Products
  • Drop Shipping Techniques
  • Promotional Strategies
  • Your Sales Page (landing page)
  • Building Your Brand
  • Shopify App's Required
  • Facebook Traffic
  • Google Traffic
  • Google Shopping
  • Content Marketing
  • Continuity Programs
  • Building a REAL traffic funnel that converts
  • Investing some of the Profits
  • Selling Your Store(s)
  • Much, MUCH more!

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